WATCH: Paloma Mami is Finally Back with “Síntomas de Soltera”

Lead Photo: Courtesy of Sony Music Latin.
Courtesy of Sony Music Latin.
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She’s finally back! On Dec. 8, Paloma Mami dropped her newest perreo track, “Síntomas de Soltera,” with Chilean rappers Pailita and El Jordan 23.

“‘Síntomas de Soltera’ is about living the single life, whether you’re single or not, going out with your girls to misbehave a little bit,” the Chilean-American singer said about the new track. “I chose Pailita and El Jordan 23 because I wanted us to have a little bit of old school and they definitely brought that vibe.” 

The music video was directed by Paloma herself, and co-directed by Pepe Garrido. It starts with Paloma in a bathroom full of mirrors with Hello Kitty sprayed art. From the get-go, her lyrics set the mood of wanting to be free rather than being in a controlling relationship. Through their distinctive flows, the two male rappers add to the narrative by encouraging Paloma Mami to move on to someone who won’t take her for granted.

Besides the music and lyrics, Paloma’s fashion is also noteworthy. One scene includes her strutting down a neighborhood, dressed in a light green feather coat paired with sunglasses and large hoops. Another scene features her in an underground perreo decked in a completely new look: bright pink hair and a flashy, silver-buckled outfit. 

Fans are digging her new sound. A Twitter user wrote: “Everyone should bless themselves this morning and turn on some paloma mami.” A YouTube user, @luisautabernardo5453, wrote: “Awwww just what I needed Paloma Mami, you are the best, makes me feel empowered.

“Coming back after almost a year of not releasing music feels like a new beginning for me. The way I’ve approached my music right now is very different than it was 2 years ago. I’m experimenting a bit with this new album, with the lyrics and the flows but it still feels very me and very Mami,” Paloma Mami shared about her upcoming music.

Watch the music video for “Síntomas de Soltera” below.