Watch Pional’s Watercolored Rave in “It’s All Over”

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Inspired by a documentary Ruta Destroy, the infamous clubbing scene in the city of Valencia in the late ’80s and early ’90s, the video for “It’s All Over” is a trippy affair that could embody a legendary party.

Looking like it was hand-drawn and watercolored, the video is directed by Manson. No, not that one; rather, it’s the visual work of artists Tomás Peña and Pau López Peñalver. It features people dancing their asses off and cars on fire in a way you probably haven’t seen before.

The pastel and neon colors complement the music perfectly, as the John Talabot associate displays some serious chops for electornic composition. The song is spare in its sounds, melancholic in its sentiments, and punctuated by a melodic falsetto. It has that futurist R&B feel that will immediately remind you that Pional is part of the Young Turks label.

Check the rave below.

[insert-video youtube=KNgB1NA4DAk]