WATCH: Rosalía Highlights Tokyo’s Unique Beauty in ‘TUYA’ Music Video

Lead Photo: Photo Courtesy of Columbia Records
Photo Courtesy of Columbia Records
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Following the release of “Vampiros” with Rauw Alejandro, Rosalía dropped her newest solo single, “TUYA,” today (June 8). The result? A new glimpse of where the Spanish singer-songwriter’s musical direction is heading post-MOTOMAMI.

“Yo soy muy mía pero hoy ꧁༻ TUYA ༺꧂ ❀ OUT NOW ❀,” she announced online.

The new music video, directed by STILLZ, was shot in Tokyo, Japan, a city that La Rosalía is currently in love with. “A few weeks ago I went back to Tokyo to shoot the video for TUYA and because I love this city,” she shared online. We see shots of roaming a rainy day in Tokyo, walking around with a dog, and eating ramen. Other shots show her in a steamy onsen, singing in front of the iconic Tokyo Tower, smoking at a flashy casino, and enjoying nature that the Japanese city uniquely offers. At the end of the song, which infuses reggaeton and Japanese instruments, the BMP gets faster, giving us a slight hint of techno.

Fans are praising the artist’s new song and musical direction. A Twitter user wrote: “tuya might be rosalia best song ever.” A YouTube user, Americo Inostroza, wrote: “This woman does not stop, she has no brakes, she is a composer who constantly delights with details and that is not seen everywhere. The great Rosalía, nothing will stop you.”

Other fans are speculating who the song is dedicated to. Some social media users are theorizing it’s for the American model and actress Hunter Schafer, who they think the Spanish singer had a relationship with before Rauw Alejandro.

Regardless of who the song is dedicated to, what’s sure is that Rosalía is booked and busy. Besides releasing this new track, the Motomami singer is currently on the European leg of her festival tour. She also appeared on the YouTube talk show Hot Ones alongside Rauw, which was released earlier today as well.

Watch the official music video for “TUYA” below.