WATCH: Santa Fe Klan & Yahir Saldívar Team Up for Cumbia Bélica ‘A La Orden’

Lead Photo: Courtesy of the artist.
Courtesy of the artist.
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After making a splash on TikTok, the emerging Mexican cumbia artist Yahir Saldívar is back with a new earworm collaboration with Mexican rapper Santa Fe Klan. On May 23, the two artists premiered their joint track “A La Orden.” The result? A new cumbia bélica anthem for your summer’s playlist.


“Yahir and I want to bring la raza to the forefront of the conversation with this song. It’s more than just music; it’s our streets’ story in every beat,” Santa Fe Klan tells Remezcla via email.

“A La Orden” comes after Saldívar – an emerging artist from Matamoros, Tamaulipas – went viral on TikTok. His most popular music video “SC-9,” also known as “La Chimichanga,” has over 44 million views to date and remains No. 20 on YouTube’s Top 100 Music Videos United States, almost three months after its release (Feb. 24). The music video garnered so much attention, that even Santa Fe Klan joined the conversation by writing in the comments section of the hit: “Algo bien tus rolas carnalito 🇲🇽 amos a grabar unas cumbias juntos.” That proposition is finally a reality.

“I’ve been listening to Yahir’s music for a while, and I’ve always said that he’s going to blow up, that he has something different,” Santa Fe Klan says. “After following him for a while, it just took us some time to connect, and once we did, we started exchanging ideas. I sent him this song and he jumped on it without hesitation.”

In this new infectious cumbia, the two artists sing about being armed with weapons and always ready to protect their neighborhood. The duo also trades verses about being dressed in all-black and gives shout-outs to their spiritual guides. Despite their lyrics about carrying dangerous weapons and living a risky lifestyle, sonically, the music echoes ‘90s cumbias with its rhythmic keyboards, accordion, and percussion that you’d hear at casual family gatherings.

As far as the music video goes, the Mexican singers are shown partying with their crew and performing the song together.

Watch Santa Fe Klan and Yahir Saldívar’s newest video “A La Orden” below.