WATCH: Snow Tha Product & Lauren Jauregui Captivate Each Other on “Piña”

Lead Photo: Photo by Dri Sommer & Nicol Biesek.
Photo by Dri Sommer & Nicol Biesek.
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On Dec. 9, Snow Tha Product and Lauren Jauregui released the music video for their latest single, “Piña.” The result? A flirty, sensual music video about two girls digging each other. This collaboration is part of Snow’s recent EP To Anywhere, released in late Oct.

In a recent conversation with Remezcla about the collaboration, Snow said that she had to fight for this specific feature to be with the former Fifth Harmony member. “I pushed. I was like, ‘This is Lauren.’ I want this to be honestly gay,” she said. “I want this to be a real story of queer, gay panic!”

The song’s queerness was one of the things the two artists made sure to project. “I love the idea of making the kinda music I wish existed when I was younger and having visuals to match that are sexy, flirty, and fun,” Jauregui told Rolling Stone about the music video. “I feel like queerness gets tossed around like a taboo or fetish in music, especially in Latinx spaces and especially femme-on-femme energy.”

The SVN QNS-directed music video features the two artists vibing on each other in a club. The two closely dance with each other. In some scenes, they are teasing and almost kissing each other; other shots feature Jauregui enticing the camera as she sings. Towards the video’s end, Jauregui blows smoke into Snow’s mouth. The two exit the dancefloor with each other, and a following frame shows Snow smiling at the camera.

Fans are thrilled about the sexy music video. A Twitter user wrote: “THIS MV FROM LAUREN AND SNOW IS SO MUCH MORE THAN I EXPECTED. I HAVE TO RECOVER BEFORE THE GAME.” Another social media user echoed the same sentiment: “lauren jauregui and snow tha product definitely ate.”

Besides this collaboration, the Mexican-American artist was recently featured on Black Panther: Wakanda Forever’s soundtrack with “La Vida” alongside E-40. Other Latine artists on that tracklist include Blue Rojo, Calle x Vida, and Mare Advertencia.

Watch the music video for “Piña” below.