WATCH: The Guadaloop’s "Lumina"

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This Mexico City-based group (originally from Monterrey) brings us yet another romance-instilled hip hop track. Although it’s short – the song runs just under 3 minutes – and lacks the flowing lyrics of the group’s recently introduced member Tino el Pingüino, the track is long enough to get under your skin and leave you wanting more.

The sound of Fermín Héctor Sánchez breathing in a typical hip-hop rhythm opens the song, made into a dramatic soundscape by the addition of an acid rain of synthesizers falling. That’s when the fat, heavy beat drops, putting every element of this chaotic beauty in place. Multiple voices soothe the ear in the chorus with a call and response of nostalgic lyrics and humming. The middle of the piece surprised me, since what I expected would be rapped in a generic and angry tone was instead recited as prose over the romantic and sophisticated urban sound of Ferdinand González. If The Guadaloops keep working this way, 2014 will be a great year for Mexican hip-hop.