Watch Tony Gallardo II's Stunning, Twisted Video for "Tormento" [MEX]

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María y José’s videos so far are all simple and visually stunning, and those features seem to come through on his output as Tony Gallardo II as well. “Tormento” is not a new track at all. We first heard it two years ago, and it wasn’t officially released until 2013, alongside the song “La Ruptura,” via LALALA4e. Now we get its music video. Better late than never, right?

For people who aren’t familiar with Tony Gallardo, let’s say it’s a colder counterpart to María y José, but just as danceable, with stronger leanings towards house, techno, and electro. “Tormento” is just that: an electro track with some techno elements. Tony sings “Es un tormento estar aquí/Eres veneno para mí,” in a processed, high-pitched voice. The video, directed by Mónica López and César Demian, represents the song darkish vibe very well, with random images where we can see him rocking some dance moves, hiding under a silver sheet, walking around covered by smoke and strobe lights, and spilling his caguama. The twist–and it is twisted–is provided by Monterrey’s Proceso Inútil, who manipulated the images using post-production and animation techniques, with appealing results.

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