WATCH: Vico C Makes Epic Comeback with “Pregúntale A Tu Papá Por Mí”

Lead Photo: Photo by Natalia Aguilera.
Photo by Natalia Aguilera.
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Vico C, the emblematic Puerto Rican rapper, is finally back with “Pregúntale A Tu Papá Por Mí,” released today (Mar. 31). This fresh track is part of his upcoming album that will mark his first in 14 years set to come out in May.

“Fourteen years of silence in my recording career has meant fourteen years of growth in the career of life,” Vico C told Rolling Stone. “This is not a moment where I say, ‘Despite everything, I got up again.’ It’s one where I say, ‘Despite everything, I kept walking.’ The path was 14 years that is reflected in the form of my music.”

The music video for “Pregúntale A Tu Papá Por Mí” starts with Vico holding a boombox, putting in a cassette tape, and pressing play. From the start, the video recreates a throwback feeling that amplifies the song’s nostalgic hip-hop beat. Lyrically, it talks about the current state of el movimiento. He criticizes today’s artists, reminding his audience that he’s one of the best in the same.

Fans are thrilled about “The Philosopher of Rap”’s comeback. A Twitter user wrote, “vico c’s latest song is insane. he is truly the goat of spanish rap.” Another Twitter user echoed the same sentiment, “Vico C sounds fresher than your favorite artist.”

Other social media users are speculating who it’s written for. A Twitter user wrote, “But what did Vico C just do? 😨 Did he just [talk about] Daddy Yankee, Pina and the whole genre? What a hell of a song 🤯.” Another Twitter user said, “vico c saying: ‘i’m worth more for my arguments than for being the first’ with that bar alone he already humiliated daddy yankee tsss.”

Regardless of who it’s for, what’s clear is that people are more than ready for his upcoming album–especially after listening to this first banger.

Watch the music video for “Pregúntale A Tu Papá Por Mí” below.