Weekly Mezcolanza: Disque DJ

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A mixtape can be many things, but one thing is for sure, a mixtape is more than just random songs put in a particular order. It’s about recontextualizing sounds, giving them a new meaning (sometimes very different from the original) by setting them side by side, or juxtapozed in ingenious ways with others. Best thing about mixtapes, most of them are FREE (!), and they’re a great way to discover new music. In this new column, Juan Data gives you a worthy one every week.

MIXTAPE: Rebota!
DJ: Disque DJ

Mexico City’s Disque DJ was supposed to play San Francisco last Sunday, but due to complications on his way here (he got mugged in TJ and lost his computer!) he had to cancel the show and I ended up filling in for him as a last-minute thing. So as a consolation prize for those who had to endure my set, I decided to post one of Disque’s latest mixtapes for this week’s Mezcolanza and wish him better luck for his future trips across the border.

Disque is a prolific and versatile DJ and mashup producer who belongs to the TropicAll collective. He’s a good representative of Mexico’s new wave of selectors, who instead of attaching themselves to one specific sound or aesthetic, aim for the postmodern salad of bastard music that comprises everything in between low-brow naco tunes and sophisticated modern house and electro.

This Rebota! mixtape focuses more on the electro/house side of the menu, but by the end it turns into bizarre directions. You know those house parties where the DJ gets drunk and loses his inhibitions and it’s late at night and there are only a couple of dancers left and he already gave up on trying to impress that one girl so he starts dropping cheesy kitschy songs from middle school? That’s how I felt about Rebota!

Download Disque DJ’s Rebota! HERE to channel junior high.