Weekly Mezcolanza: Mr. Lucky

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A mixtape can be many things, but one thing is for sure, a mixtape is more than just random songs put in a particular order. It’s about recontextualizing sounds, giving them a new meaning (sometimes very different from the original) by setting them side by side, or juxtaposed in ingenious ways with others. Best thing about mixtapes, most of them are FREE (!), and they’re a great way to discover new music. In this column, Juan Data gives you a worthy one every week.

DJ: WUBzilla

MIXTAPE: My Moombah Weighs A Ton

I heard some record label exec the other day say something like “Moombahton is this year’s dubstep” as in “the hybrid genre du jour that everybody is suddenly adopting.” Still hasn’t crossed over to the mainstream, so some of you may still don’t know about it, but plenty of DJs coming from all sorts of backgrounds are currently incorporating it into their sets.

Moombahton, to put it in easy understandable words, is dem-bow (reggaetón characteristic and irresistible beat) stripped of the corny lyrics and sped up to mid-tempo house. We’ve already posted a moombahmix in this column a few months ago, done by the genre pioneers. This time we bring you a mix done by a Latino DJ of the Bay Area, California, who’s better known as a reggae/dancehall selector: Mr. Lucky.

In a 51 minute long set, Mr. Lucky covers pretty much all you need to know as an introduction to this genre, so here’s your chance to catch up and be one of the cool kids. We still don’t know if it’s in fact just a flash in the pan, like a DJ’s summer fling, or it will in fact remain as an actual official genre. The thing is, while most of you are barely discovering this, DJ/bloggers and bedroom producers across the board are scrambling to come up with the next music-style-with-a-lame-name that everybody is gonna be spinning next summer.

Anyway, just look at the little girl in chola cosplay on the cover, isn’t she adorable? I think it’s more than enough reason to download this mix and play it at least for the rest of the summer or until the next “big thing” comes out.

My Moombah Weighs a Ton by DJ Mr. Lucky