Weekly Mezcolanza: Sudacateca

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A mixtape can be many things, but one thing is for sure, a mixtape is more than just random songs put in a particular order. It’s about recontextualizing sounds, giving them a new meaning (sometimes very different from the original) by setting them side by side, or juxtaposed in ingenious ways with others. Best thing about mixtapes, most of them are FREE (!), and they’re a great way to discover new music. In this column, Juan Data gives you a worthy one every week.

DJ: Sudacateca

MIXTAPE: Superextremoantromix

Sudacateca is not really a DJ but a party in Barcelona, Spain, hosted by two DJ’s, one Mexican one Colombian. Muñeca Cruel and El Señor teach those Spaniards how to party the Latin American way with eclectic mixes that go from post-modern to forgotten oldies and from avant-guard to bizarre and kitsch, with plenty of unexpected turns along the way.

Of course there’s a lot of cumbia, being the strongest connection between the homelands of both DJs, but trust me when I say this goes way beyond what anybody would expect from a regular cumbia set. As usual, cumbia ends up just being the glue that keeps all other expressions of ironic low-brow Latin American pop-culture stuck together, and these guys on the other side of the pond know how to represent this very well.

Click HERE for the free download.

SUDACATECA Mixtape (Superextremoantromix) by Sudacateca on Mixcloud