Here’s What We Know About Rochy RD’s Sexual Assault of a Minor Charges

Lead Photo: Photo Courtesy of @rochyrd/Instagram
Photo Courtesy of @rochyrd/Instagram
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Trigger warning: This story contains sensitive content regarding sexual assault.

Rochy RD, whose real name is Aderly Ramírez Oviedo, is facing serious criminal charges of sexually assaulting a minor. The recording artist has been in prison while awaiting his trial for the charges, which now include a child sex-trafficking network. Rochy RD’s trial has begun, and fans protested outside the courthouse claiming his innocence.

According to Diario Libre, Rochy RD is accused of sexually assaulting a minor under 16 years old. The news has sent shockwaves through the musical community as they grapple with the charges. Dominican singer La Demente, real name Steycy Peña, was also named in the same case, though authorities don’t know her current whereabouts. She is accused of allegedly running sex-trafficking network, finding underage girls and adult women for Rochy RD. Authorities claim her case is easier to prove than Rochy RD’s sexual assault. Rochy RD is also accused of offering to pay the victim’s mother if they drop the charges.

Per Diario Libre’s reporting, authorities claim that Rochy RD and La Demente took advantage of the 16-year-old victim’s precarious economic situation and lack of parental attention to sexually assault her in exchange for money. 

In response, fans of Rochy RD protested outside of the Palace of Justice to show their support for the musical artist who they claim is innocent. Currently, Rochy RD is being held at the La Victoria prison.


“Everyone knows that I am innocent. I am innocent of what I am accused of,” Rochy RD reportedly said while being taken into court. Fans were stunned when Tokischa, another Dominican artist, posted and quickly deleted a picture on social media calling for Rochy RD’s freedom.

Social media is torn on what to think about Rochy RD’s charges, with people vocally supporting him and others calling out those siding with the artist.

“I don’t understand the desire of so many people to find mitigating factors in the case of #RochyRD,” wrote one Twitter user. “Whoever sleeps with minors has to go to jail, whoever they are. The impunity that exists in other cases does not diminish the seriousness of this one. It doesn’t matter if it was the norm before: not anymore!”

According to Dominican news outlets, Rochy RD was sentenced to three months in prison and is currently awaiting trial. Though a warrant for his presumed accomplice La Demente’s arrest has not been issued, she is still at large. 

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