Whitest Taino Alive Team Up With OndaSonora For Playground, Your Chance to Play With Los Leathers

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Dominican bass-ball team Whitest Taino Alive (WTA) is becoming one of the DR’s most recognized electronic acts. Part of that success comes from the release of their debut LP ¿Dónde Jugarán Los Cueros? last year. The question embedded in the title has specific meaning in the Dominican context (and in many Latin American indie scenes), where spaces to showcase music and develop musical projects are scarce.

To answer their own question, the WTA crew has teamed up with the OndaSonora DJ collective for Playground, a series of shows that set the stage for WTA and other emerging Dominican artists to perform in a high-quality, uniquely curated space. This project doesn’t just ensure their own sustainability, it also contributes to the growth of their own budding scene.

The next Playground is set for Friday, July 31 at Transglobal in Santo Domingo, and the lineup looks like it’s going to be a bonche. Playground #3 will feature live performances from Whitest Taino Alive and Dirk Largo, a duo from New York and the DR. There will also be DJ sets by OndaSonora/WTA’s Haru, WTA’s Cohoba (whose Chromatism EP is a must for bass lovers), FoNG and Poteleche.

It’s events like this that serve as a testament to what a band or crew can achieve in their local context, where opportunities don’t grow on trees. Don’t miss your chance to go out and play with los leathers. For more details, check out the event on Facebook.