Who Killed Chuy Montana & His Driver? Suspect Arrested

Lead Photo: Photo via @chuymontana_ Instagram.
Photo via @chuymontana_ Instagram.
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Following the news of Chuy Montana’s driver’s death, there’s now a lead on who murdered him and the corridos tumbados rising star. On Feb. 21, the Baja California attorney general revealed more details about what led to the murders and who is allegedly responsible for them.

On Feb. 7, Montana, born Jesús Cardenas, was found dead on a roadside in Tijuana, Baja California. At the time, it was reported that a group of armed men kidnapped Montana near the Playas de Rosarito-Tijuana highway. After being captured and handcuffed, Montana tried escaping by jumping out of the vehicle. However, he was unsuccessful, for he was shot and killed at the scene. He was 19.

Today (Feb. 21), The San Diego Union-Tribune reported the cause of the murder and the name of the alleged killer. Per the newspaper, prosecutors said that Montana and his driver attended a party at a Rosarito motel. It was reported that a fight broke out because Montana sang a song that “one of his attackers did not like.” It further escalated because the artist did not stop singing the song after being asked to. Milenio reported that the attacker didn’t like Montana singing romantic songs. That’s when they beat, handcuffed, and put him into the vehicle.

The alleged murderer was identified as Kevin Alejandro “N.” He was reportedly Montana’s friend. The arrest was made on Feb. 19. As of now, prosecutors suspect that he was part of both deaths, though the investigation is still ongoing.

While Montana was known to be a corridos tumbados enthusiast, Baja California Attorney General María Elena Andrade said that the song in question wasn’t a narcocorrido. Andrade stated that it had to do with lyrics that involved “personal issues affecting one of the attackers.” 

Furthermore, prosecutors clarified that while the former Street Mob artist’s driver was found with an alleged message from the drug cartel, it could merely be a “distraction.” Per The San Diego Union-Tribune, Andrade said “that although no line of investigation has yet been ruled out, so far it does not appear that the killings were cartel-related.”