Win tickets for Calle 13

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You probably know by now that esteemed Remezcla Music fixture Calle 13 is kicking ass across America right now, leaving broken hearts and far left political lyrics in their wake like demented Puerto Rican Johnny Appleseeds.

What you may not know is that Remezcla’s still got tickets for you to for a number of their remaining shows. Fill out the forms and enter into the drawing to win the concert that will make your month, if not your year.

October 15th – American Airlines Arena, Miami (Click to win tix)
October 16th – Best Buy Theater, NYC (Click to win tix)
October 20th – House of Blues Anaheim, LA (Click to win tix)
October 21st – Taquila 4th & B, San Diego (Fill out the form below to win tix)

October 22nd – The Fillmore, San Fran (Click to win tix)