Exclusive Free Download: World Hood – Mundo Libre EP

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On their press release, Sacramento’s World Hood explains that Mundo Libre, the title of their new free EP, is an optimistic embrace of the 2012 consciousness shift (in opposition to, you know, the apocalyptic paranoia of some logic-impaired fellas out there). Whether you literally believe in (misinterpreted) Mayan prophesies or not, the sad truth is that if we don’t change some of the ways we deal with our world it won’t last much longer.

Indio and Estrella Hood, collectively known as World Hood, aim towards that positive change and hope to unleash a global sound revolution with their unique combination of pre-hispanic-inspired chanting of quinoa-fed lyrics and bass-centric, urban beats.

After a very well received self-titled debut album last year, the duo releases this EP, which we are sharing here with you as an exclusive premiere, that will certainly please the lovers of dreamy downtempo soundscapes and detail-oriented production. It may seem a bit too vegan at times, but the 808 electro beats always manage to bring it back to the streets and even take it to the club. If that’s the new paradigm of 2012, I’m happy to follow their advice and embrace it, however, a global institutional collapse followed by a zombie epidemic sounds like fun too.

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