World Premiere: Diana Fuentes’ “Será Sol” [CUB]

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We’ve been making a lot of noise about Diana Fuentes’ talents lately; including giving you a snippet of her much anticipated upcoming album, Planeta Planetario. Today, we proudly premiere the album’s first single, “Será Sol.” Produced by Eduardo Cabra-–Calle 13’s Visitante—the track is a cover of Cuban Nueva Trova singer Carlos Varela’s track from his album Nubes, released in 2000. While Varela’s original-–with his signature raspy voice and gorgeous acoustic guitar—is calm and contained, Fuentes gives it new life as a sunny, folk pop burst.

In an interview with Remezcla’s Afroxander, Cabra describes the song as being very evocative of the colors white and yellow. I couldn’t agree more, as he has Fuentes singing over a marching band with a beautifully placed wind section. Her voice, as youthful as ever, goes perfectly with the song’s theme of living life to the fullest, against all odds. There will always be rain and then out will come the sun. I can definitely see this song serving as the soundtrack to an early morning walk across a field full of daisies.

While this song presents Fuentes’ particular sound, it’s nice to hear Cabra venture out of his usual fare and into folk pop territory. “Será Sol” features perfectly executed melodies and contrasts, so he might just have found his sonic home.

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Download Diana Fuentes’ Será Sol below: