Wynwood Pride Raised $16,000-Plus During its 12-Hour Online Fest

Lead Photo: Art by Stephany Torres for Remezcla
Art by Stephany Torres for Remezcla
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Wynwood Pride first debuted in Miami last year with an epic lineup: Ivy Queen, Brazilian superstar Pabllo Vittar, famed drag performer Aja, and model, trans icon Carmen Carrera as host and so many more LGBTQIA+ entertainers. Across the globe this year, however, Pride celebrations are virtual ones. In this challenging, unprecedented change, though, the Wynwood Pride founders saw opportunity.

On Saturday, June 13, the festival aired on four Twitch channels—like virtual stages, each with its own programming—for full 12 hours. More than $16k was raised to benefit The Bail Project, Central Florida’s LGBTQIA+ and POC Contigo Fund, Equal Justice Initiative, Impact Justice, and the Black Trans Femmes in the Arts collective.

“This is wild,” José Atencio remembers thinking during the planning process alongside Jor-el Garcia and Scott Bernardez. “When will we be able to have talent from all across the world? Usually we’re tied down to time zone constraints, Visas, budget constraints. But now we were able to have people all the way from Mexico City, from Buenos Aires, from London, Paris, NY. We covered all time zones.”

Wynwood Pride most definitely turned it out, bringing together well-known faves like Big Freedia, Sofi Tukker, Orville Peck, and a ton of local talent, too—their signature.

“We started [the festival] last year as an answer to other Prides that we felt like weren’t really booking our friends—queer, emerging talent, strong allies—and we wanted to change that,” Atencio says.

For those who missed the party though, all the content that aired on Twitch via Channel One is still available to watch. Click here to see that show from start to finish, and be sure to take a look below at our picks for best Channel One performances by Latinxs DJs, musicians, and drag talent.

Do keep an eye on Wynwood Pride’s Instagram, though, as the organizers plan to soon rebroadcast bits (or entire lineups) from the other three festival channels.

“We’re still kind of figuring that out. but what we do know is we want to make sure everyone gets to watch everything, and that it lives on the internet forever,” Atencio says. “It’s going to be kind of like our time capsule. We really treated this as our digital protest, and just because our event ended doesn’t mean that the conversation ends.”

You can still donate to the Wynwood Pride x PLUS 1 fund. All money raised will be disbursed across the five aforementioned initiatives.

Channel One Highlights by time:


DJ Reyjake:

1 hour, 58 minutes


Gabriela Amaya Cruz aka Lady Paraíso:

in conversation with writer, performer, and style icon Alok V Menon

2 hours, 48 minutes


Discofuturo, DJ:

3 hours, 27 minutes


Beaujangless, Puerto Rican drag performer:

3 hours, 45 minutes


Urias, Brazilian artist:

5 hours, 51 minutes, 18 sec


Manu Manzu, Venezuelan singer-songwriter based in Miami: