Ximena Sariñana Discusses Her Love for Ricky Martin & ‘Te Extraño, Te Olvido, Te Amo’ Cover

Lead Photo: MEXICO CITY, MEXICO - JULY 06: Ximena Sariñana poses for photos during a red carpet prior the opening of the 'Experiencia Frida' on July 6, 2021 in Mexico City, Mexico. (Photo by Adrián Monroy/Medios y Media/Getty Images)
MEXICO CITY, MEXICO - JULY 06: Ximena Sariñana poses for photos during a red carpet prior the opening of the 'Experiencia Frida' on July 6, 2021 in Mexico City, Mexico. (Photo by Adrián Monroy/Medios y Media/Getty Images)
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Lusting over the past rather than the present often alludes to disappointment, although Ximena Sariñana likes to think otherwise. The 36-year-old Mexican popstress currently uses the past to her advantage, cultivating sounds, stories, and most notably, a fresh rendition of Rick Martin‘s beloved Te Extraño, Te Olvido, Te Amo” as an Amazon Original hit — undoubtedly, creating nostalgic bliss.  

“It was one of those albums that I could never let go of,” Sariñana tells Remezcla in a recent interview. “Ricky Martin was an idol throughout my childhood and early teen years. So when I was talking with Amazon Music about doing an Amazon original, I was toying with a lot of covers and playing with nostalgia from my adolescence. So I immediately knew it had to be a song from A Medio Vivir. I’ve always wanted to pay tribute to it, and this was the perfect way to do it.”

Sariñana has been in the public eye since the age of 11, getting her footing in film and later jumping into music. In 2008, Sariñana debuted her Grammy-nominated album Mediocre, a dazzling account of the ideals of womanhood, setting fire to the flame for her success. Five albums under her belt later, including her newest record Amor Adolescente, Sariñana shares that the time has come for an original cover, and of course, it’s on the Latine king himself, Ricky Martin.

With a short amount of time, Sariñana made the connection to use nostalgia with current-day Latine flare to her benefit, fusing the blend for an Amazon Original that’s equal parts euphoric, neo-soul, and telenovela-esque into a coherent recipe. Yet the most challenging part was choosing the right song, especially from an artist such as Martin, whose hits wrap up in the double digits. 

Despite having to choose, the decision was effortless. Sariñana knew “Te Extraño, Te Olvido, Te Amo” was the answer, noting “an underlying desire to work with a string quartet” along with the emblematic sensation of the ballad-like track, it all fell into place. Truthfully, the popstar desired to mold a piece of work that could stroll herself and anyone else through the canals of love, regardless of where it comes from. Acknowledging no matter how it feels, it’s what keeps her grounded, keen for whenever it may strike again.

“This is just a celebration of love in all its forms and its freest form. Because in the end, I think that’s what it’s all about,” Sariñana says with a slight grin. “You just feel it. You’re not questioning it. You’re not putting it into little compartments and boxes. You’re not thinking about the future. You’re just feeling it in the present, in the here and the now.”

The song in its entirety is dynamic. With grand strings accompanying the melody, Sariñana’s voice shifts into a harmonious gesture that feels tender and heartbreakingly honest in one breath. However, with lush pianos and a broad pop-tone, her rendition is still her own while still reminiscent of the 1995 classic that comes right off A Medio Vivir. 

More than ever, Sariñana celebrates the revolution of creating something new out of necessity, having “Te Extraño, Te Olvido, Te Amo” as the overdue longing of paying tribute to Martin, an artist who’s inspired her repertoire as builds the framework to start a new chapter. This year, Sariñana is set on the power of compassion and the warmth her life carries, delicately pouring it into her music, setting the scene for an intimate rendition of a Latine classic. 

“I really think it’s an important lesson for society, especially where we have all these new forms of expression of love and freedom, and adding contrast with a lot of people not wanting that to happen. So I think it’s very important. It’s an important way to feel. This track is a way of celebrating that.”

Listen to Sariñana’s cover of Te Extraño, Te Olvido, Te Amo” below.