Ximena Sariñana "Track by Track" Mini Series Kickoff (+ free mp3)

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My favorite part about the works of singer-songwriters is that they usually have really good and insightful stuff to say about each of their songs. Make it be opinionated, personal stories, rants, or random and obscure thoughts expressed cryptically or crystal clear. And we, the listeners, interpret them as we hear them. A favorite part music journalism now is that we can ask singer-songwriters on song-writing, the creative processes involved, the meaning of each song, and why they were written in such a manner.

We’ve had our eyeballs on this Mexican singer-songwriter Ximena Sariñana, and find her works and musical evolvement very interesting and intriguing. So starting on November 29th, every Tuesday and Thursday for five weeks, we are super duper stoked to debut Track By Track, presented by Warner Bros. Records, a mini series of Ximena talking about her story behind her writing process of the 11 tracks in her sophomore self-titled album, and her experience transitioning from a Spanish to an all-English album, and the balance between both audiences — 11 video interviews in both English and Spanish.

With this, you also get an exclusive free download of Ximena’s jazzy pop lover girl track “Echo Park” — about all the hot artsy dudes who’re into literature, philosophy, are in bands, and look cool we chicks drool on, who hang around LA’s gentrified Echo Park.

Ximena Sariñana – Echo Park by RemezclaNYC


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