Your Mix Fix: Barcelona Latintronica DJ El Timbe

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DJ: El Timbe

If last week’s ñu-cumbia mixtape left you wanting more (as it did to me), well, here’s another one, this time coming all the way from the other side of the Atlantic. Barcelona’s El Timbe is no stranger to the loyal followers of this column, he’s been featured here multiple times and that’s not only because he’s so prolific, but also because he keeps up with high levels of quality. His sets never disappoint me.

Known for always being in the avant guard of the latest electropical trends, el member of the Folcore collective has always featured some cumbias on his mixtapes –  but this is the first one I’ve heard by him that focuses exclusively on this genre. So much so, that he  and that’s simply how he called it: cumbia. As the description warns, this is non-traditional cumbia, so you pretty much know what to expect.