Your Mix Fix: EsaMiPau

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The word mixtape has plenty of different interpretations. It used to be that mixtapes were actually DJ sets recorded on cassette tapes, but with the coming of the digital music age, the name remained the same, but the definition expanded. Nowadays, people call mixtapes many different things, some of which are not necessarily mixed and most of which were never taped. Here we try to cover them all. In this column, Juan Data gives you a worthy one every week.

DJ: EsaMiPau

MIXTAPE: Estadazzo

Unlike most of the DJs that I regularly feature on this column, EsaMiPau is not a club DJ, a mixtape DJ, a turntablist, or a mash-up producer. She’s a radio DJ. All the way from Mexico’s Ibero 90.9 radio, Pau selects the newest indie dance pop songs from Latin America to share on her show, and here we have her doing a Best Of 2012 playlist.

Plenty of familiar names for the avid Remezcla reader (Bomba Estéreo, Los Macuanos, DJ Nombre Apellido), but also a lot of cool new tunes from people I’ve never heard of before and now I’m curious to research.

From the technical point of view, it’s a very simple mixtape, the songs are played pretty much from beginning to end without fancy transitions, you know, the way a radio DJ would do it live. It’s almost an hour long and at some points, it made me wish she had cut some of the tracks shorter.

Still, a great selection of cool dance music en español, the kind we can only wish they played at the clubs here in the US on the Latin dance nights, but since they don’t and they probably never will, we can at least enjoy it in this format.