Your Mix Fix: Galambo

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The word mixtape has plenty of different interpretations. It used to be that mixtapes were actually DJ sets recorded on cassette tapes, but with the coming of the digital music age, the name remained the same, but the definition expanded. Nowadays, people call mixtapes many different things, some of which are not necessarily mixed and most of which were never taped. Here we try to cover them all. In this column, Juan Data gives you a worthy one every week.

DJ: Galambo

MIXTAPE: Andakoyo Mixtape

There’s definitely something trippy about the sounds of Andean folk music that hypnotizes musicians and DJs from around the world. Last week on this column we introduced a mixtape by the Swiss Gotan Project member Christoph Müller that focused mainly on the sounds of these latitudes. This time around we have an Chilean-Australian musician, Bryan Phillips, who goes by the name of Galambo when he leans toward his Chilean roots and embarks in a shamanic ayahuasca-fueled trip through the Andes.

This is a mixtape specifically done to promote Galambo‘s album Andakoyo, so it only includes tracks from that source, mixed in together in a 25 minute long set. The album was produced by Argentina’s ñu-cumbia pioneers The Peronists who you may remember from ZZK‘s Cumbia Digital first volume. The sounds of pan flutes and charangos blend in seamlessly with electronic beats, and the vocals provided by guest Talo Pinto officiating as payador/shaman give the final touch that invites you to chew coca leaves, get lost in the Atacama desert, swim in Lake Titicaca and visualize the Nazca lines as a stellar map to the subconscious.

If you enjoyed the free sample trip you can actually purchase the album here.

GALAMBO-ANDAKOYO mixtape by Galambo