Your Mix Fix: John Bowen (Empresarios)

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The word mixtape has plenty of different interpretations. It used to be that mixtapes were actually DJ sets recorded on cassette tapes, but with the coming of the digital music age, the name remained the same, but the definition expanded. Nowadays, people call mixtapes many different things, some of which are not necessarily mixed and most of which were never taped. Here we try to cover them all. In this column, Juan Data gives you a worthy one every week.

DJ: John Bowen (of Empresarios)

MIXTAPE: Verano Caliente Mix

I’d usually avoid posting mixtapes by the same artists again and again but DC’s Empresarios are sneaky and found a way to become the exception to my rule and periodically get featured on this column. How do I allow this to happen, you wonder? Well, every new mixtape they release is done by a different member of the crew, hence, technically, they aren’t repeat DJs. Plus, the band embraces such a wide variety of styles and genres that they can easily put out mixtapes completely different from one another.

In the past we have featured mixtapes by DJ Arsam and Sonny Cheeba, this time around it’s John Bowen, also known as Video Killer. He’s in charge of production on some Empresarios tracks and, you guessed, he’s the VJ. I’m also gonna take a guess here, since I don’t really know the guy, and assume he’s the one who brings in all the reggae/dub influences into the combo. This, I assume after listening to this mix, that he focuses on the downtempo chill side of Empresarios repertoire and completely ignores the funky Latin house tracks of their latest EP, Bestia.

Along with some Empresarios new tunes and remixes, this Verano Caliente mixtape includes tracks by Toy Selectah, El General, Los Pibes Chorros, Fania All Stars, label-mates See-I, frequent collaborator Congo Sanchez and plenty more.

Empresarios have a new four-song EP titled Volume coming out July 3rd on iTunes (DJs and audiophiles can already get it at Beatport). OK, there’re five members in the band, so I guess we still can post two more mixtapes by them, right?