Musician Zairah & Artist Ugly Primo Move Voters With ‘Mueve El Pom Pom’ Music Video

Lead Photo: Art by Ugly Primo
Art by Ugly Primo
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For a new initiative to get Latinx voters to the polls on the upcoming November 3rd elections, singer Zairah along with illustrator Ugly Primo have teamed up for a song and video that will get the Latinx community to the polls and make the right moves to save democracy.

Conceived by the global creative company Wieden + Kennedy, “Mueve El Pom Pom” is a fun but firm proposal to get Latinxs united to vote on the upcoming election. This year marks the first time Latinxs will be the largest racial or ethnic minority group in the electorate, with 32 million voters constituting the demographic; in other words, Latinxs are crucial to the decision on November 3rd. “Mueve El Pom Pom” is aiming to motivate voters to register and have their voices heard.

The song has singer/rapper Zairah lay down some exclamative lyrics about speaking out and making the right decision over a beat by producer Sapo, that’s all sandungueo fire power and speaker-rattling 808s. The video created by Ugly Primo transmits joyful and vibrant images while illustrating every awful event that has been amplified to nightmarish proportions in the last four years without pulling any punches but refraining from becoming dark. It’s the anthem to impact voter turnout you can perrear to. What more motivation do you need?

About the initiative, Zairah comments: “We have to get Latinxs to the polls! This election is CRUCIAL. We have someone in office who has not only disrespected, insulted, and caged Latinxs but it’s clear that he doesn’t care about anyone that looks or talks like me. We can’t afford another four years of this hate. We need to EMBRACE our diversity, that’s how we progress. I grew up in a home with a lot of mixed Latinx cultures and I can tell you it’s a beautiful thing.”

Ugly Primo adds, “When I was first hit up to work on this voting initiative, I was excited to jump on board. This year, there is no room for “ifs” or “buts.” […] We need to mobilize our friends and family. W+K came up with the butt concept and I thought it was funny and direct, we need to get our asses to the poll. I just added the Primo touch.”

“Mueve el Pom Pom off the couch, and GO VOTE!” Zairah concludes. Do so by visiting