ZZK TV Season 2 to launch (+ free El Remolón remix)

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Photo Credit: Pedro Quintans – ZZK 5 year anniversary BBQ

Before ZZK Records was a world renown record label leading the digital cumbia revolution, it was a night club in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Then the compilations came out and the full releases by the many artists signed to the label, who toured plenty through the most important music festivals, both sides of the Atlantic. It’s been a long ride since El-G and Villa Diamante had that crazy original idea and decided to pursue it, five years ago. And now, while the Zizek family keeps growing (new additions to the team, Super Guachin are about to drop their debut album in December) the ZZK brand keeps expanding into new ventures like the acclaimed ZZK TV project that debuted last summer and are now planning a new season 2 with footage compiled during their recent European adventures. And guess what? You can be part of it by contributing to their kickstarter campaign and, depending how deep your samaritan pockets are, you can win up to a special private show by a ZZK artist in your own backyard! How about having El Remolón to DJ at your wedding?

Free track courtesy of ZZK, by Los Mirlos’ “Lamento en la Selva (El Remolón remix).” Right click to download below, or click to stream.