Free Download: Zonora Point's "Empleado del Mes" (Foex Remix)

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In case you missed it, last month we posted a new mixtape by Chilean new-school rappers Zonora Point with slick production by Zizek collective’s Frenchman, Douster. Well, this one just popped up today, it’s a remix of one of those tracks produced by Chilean beatmaker Foex, the main man behind the sound of Anita Tijoux’s breakthrough 1977.

With its very slow tempo, “Empleado del Mes” works great in the hands of Foex, maybe even better than the original (Douster’s area of expertise is more into the deep dance floor-oriented electro). Foex’s brilliantly twisted beat starts with a mess of industrial noises and soon enough arrives somewhere delightful, providing the perfect backing for Zonora’s intricate vocals.

Definitely not a hit aimed for the clubs and maybe not a favorite for orthodox hip-hop heads–it’s too experimental. But the lyrics are full of original funny bits, making it more accessible than first expected. It’ll just take you two listens. Or more.

Download Foex’s experimental reworking of Zonora Point’s “Empleado del Mes” for FREE.