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The Costa Rican four-piece of Zòpilot are tricky sound makers who make you forget that they are even instrumental. It’s almost as if the vocals are really there. Though difficult to realize, their undulating melodies are woven together like something otherworldly, but brought back down to earth.

PI is not particularly outlandish or audacious, nor a tour de force, but there is something more that meets the eye. PI is extremely subtle that has something intuitive vibrating within, like an infinitesimal fragment of a prediction that will lead to supplant resolution to recoup for the missing pages of alternative counterculture acquisition.

It’s not that I’ve never heard psychedelic garage rock minus the revival, punk rock minus the simplicity and aggression, Dinosaur Jr. and Sonic Youth minus the ’90s, or even music so serene and beautiful in the most upbeat rockin’ way — and it is. More importantly is the fact that as awareness spreads subconsciously, pointing in future directions, every step along the way is vital to molding the new direction, no matter how obscure.

There’s even a tinge of ’80s post punk gothness to them, especially in the beginning of their tracks, that can make you think TSOL got back together and released a new album with Siouxsie Sioux, that is until it turns into modern indie rock.

Zòpilot makes you believe that one day, the future of rock means goth and psychedelia, and indie and alt rock/grunge, and post punk and so on and so forth. It’s as if it will all come together to be one rock genre, and it’s already happening.

They may appear backwards in demarcation, but Zòpilot are forward thinkers with unerring magic in subtle intention who are putting out the energy into the music world to consign for iconoclasts to come.

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