Free Download: Zuzuka Poderosa's "Thriller Beats" & "Tambores"

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There are essentially three reasons why Brazil is, like, everybody’s favorite country: the women, the music, and that oxygen-producing jungle that allows us all to breathe (at least for a couple of more years). Zuzuka Poderosa is a hot Brazilian woman who makes music. And even if her half-Asianness impedes her from having one of those Brazilian trade-marked jiggling bubble-butts (the only reason why we watch that boring ass carnaval parade, admit it), her baile funk will make you shake yours as if you had one, up to the point you run out of air. And that’s when you’ll be thankful for the third factor listed above.

As if one song weren’t enough to prove this contrived theory of mine, we bring you two. Yes, TWO downloads FREE of charge from the official ambassador of Rio’s favelas in New York. She’s so excited about her upcoming South by Southwest performances that she’s sharing it all for free with us. First we have the percussion madness of the aptly titled “Tambores,” a track produced by Sub Swara that’s sambodromo-ready with plenty of batucada samples. Right after that we have Miss Poderosa featured on a Sonora track from their upcoming collaborative EP titled Sonora Remezcla: Zuzuka Poderosa (out on March 17th), and with a title like that, how could we not feature it here?

Get a double dose of Braziliasian baile-funk fire by downloading Zuzuka Poderosa’s “Thriller Beats” and “Tambores” for FREE below. Also check out her SXSW sched after the player.

Zuzuka Poderosa and Sonora’s ‘Thriller Beats” (Click to download)

SXSW Zuzuka Poderosa Showcases:

Thursday, March 17th @ 4 p.m.- The ‘Hook-Up’ SXSW Showcase presented by Brizm Nation
Saturday, March 19th @ 11:45 p.m. – MEGATON MOOMBAHTON SXSW Showcase