40 Songs For a Perfect Sanguívin Adobado

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The Moyas’ Sanguívin is kind of like a dress rehearsal for Christmas Eve; la doña tries new recipes, stocks up the mini bar, makes room for the Christmas tree (aka temporary pee spot for my devilish, ungrateful dogs).

My one and only task on Sanguívin is to provide the entertainment for our guests (parents, la vecina, my cousins, tías, and some random dude). Pleasing everyone’s music taste/requests is the biggest challenge of all, even though music is our thing at Remezcla – after all, this is an all ages kind of celebration. To solve this problem, I went around the office and asked everyone to pitch in music for the Sanguívin Adobado Playlist.

And so, our Sanguívin gift to you is these 40 songs guapachosas to keep everyone’s mouths shut and feet happy.