Distortion Reigns Supreme on A-rp’s Industrial Monster “Yar”

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NSMBLNET, the netlabel of Mexican electronic collective ENSAMBLE, is releasing A-rp‘s debut album in April. Titled I Bleed For Me And Mine, it follows the spirit of his ON | AX EP, an odd but fantastic mix of club music and pure evil, where distortion reigns supreme. We’re excited to exclusively preview the first hint at his next effort.

Judging by the first few bars of “Yar,” you might be fooled into thinking Daniel Arp has downplayed the intensity this time around, but the feeling doesn’t last. Shortly after the start of the track, we’re introduced to an eerie, five-minute sonic world through high-impact hits of distorted percussion, filled with unpredictable and saturated beats that walk the line between the danceable and the hyperactive. This is a textural assault, since every element presented here has a clearly distinctive timbre, making the track dynamic just through sound alone. There’s a strong industrial influence, and the only melodic line present here appears and disappears capriciously, with metallic and sinister whimsy. A-rp manages to bring something fresh to the table, all while retaining his signature sound.

I Bleed For Me And Mine is out April 1 via NSMBLNET.