Enter a Bone-Chilling Dystopian Universe in AAAA’s New Video

As we announced earlier this week, Mexican producer AAAA was set to premiere the music video for his new single “Wolves Rough Kiss” at a special event at Mexico City’s Centro de Cultura Digital, and we were lucky enough to witness it.

At the premiere, director Daniel Acosta briefly explained the creative vision behind the video. Shot at abandoned and dilapidated buildings in Mexico City, Guadalajara, and Bogotá, the team sought to depict an imaginary dystopian future. For almost five minutes, the clip immerses us in a desolate world where only a few people are left and nature has reclaimed its power over human life. Acosta uses stroboscopic visual processing to portray a toxic atmosphere, with disorienting effects – especially when paired up with the acid techno track.

Narration is key here, and it’s achieved through subtitles that describe what happened to the world from a first-person perspective. “Finally/I own some space” is shown on the screen, producing a sense of peace, even if we’re being assaulted by the raw beat, corrosive bassline, and flashing lights.

At the Centro Cultural Digital, AAAA followed the video presentation with a short live set that shook us to the core, with pseudo-breakcore jungle beats, hip-hop references, and a whole lot of techno. His music may be dark, but AAAA’s future is surely bright.