Abhir Hathi Explores a New Erotic Language in ‘Idioma’ Video

Lead Photo: Photo courtesy of the artist.
Photo courtesy of the artist.
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If we’re feeling poetic, we can define sexual chemistry as a language discovered and expressed by two (or more, tbh) people. The way the senses communicate between the bodies is something that Abhir Hathi tries to put to music on his latest single.

“Idioma” balances the right amount of nocturnal vibes. It struts suggestively in a smooth and minimalist dembow rhythm that leaves enough space in between the notes for Hathi to deliver his lyrics in a combination of druggy trap flow and sentimental R&B crooning. The combination makes it irresistible. To illustrate this vibe further, the video spends most of the time with Hathi and his partner and their unspoken sexual chemistry intercut with iconographic and abstact shots of erotic imagery.

The single is the latest move by the Canarian trap star-in-the-making to ramp up his short but ambitious career. Last year saw Hathi establish himself in the scene through a stream of singles that hasn’t stopped. The July 2020 loosie “Reflejos” propelled him to bigger notoriety and “Idioma” should ramp this up as well.