ABRA Flips Empress Of’s “Standard” Into a Glitchy, Erotic Trance

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Standard” is a beautiful ballad, a standout track from Empress Of’s debut album Me. It hits hard with its deeply personal lyrical vulnerability, while making a bold sonic statement. Now, up-and-coming artist ABRA stripped the song of its pretty clothes and brought it to a darker, meaner place.

The self-proclaimed darkwave duchess injects a ton of extra strength and attitude into the production, matching the already powerful lyrics and urgent vocal delivery. The results are a futuristic remix that could easily soundtrack a video game. Along with the vocals, deep bass tones take the lead in the form of a menacing melody, while the beat remains simple but hard-hitting, with occasional ripples of piercing hi-hat hits. It’s a glitchy and erotic take on the melancholy synth pop sound that Empress Of mastered on her debut full-length.