It’s a Mexican Smorgasbord Up in This Abstrakt Muzak Compilation

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Pictured: Gus Goose.

There are no major missteps in Abstrakt Muzak’s debut compilation. The Austin-based label, headed by Los Mundos’ Alejandro Elizondo and White Ninja’s Memo Guerra—who also produced nine of the tracks and appear as a duo the Gods of Speed banner—put together a 12-track buffet of Mexican bands ranging from psych to punk to electro.

It’s a solid assortment, opening with Mentira Mentira’s slacker-haze “Strangle You” and closing with Piyama Party’s equally slacker-ish “Fiesta Illuminati,” with some pepperings of brashier (Vladimir, Has a Shadow, Los Mundos) and poppier tangents (see: Gus Goose, Memo, and Francisco y Madero). And it’s free, so there. Do it.