Adrian Be Gives Clubz’s “Ciclos” the Perreo Treatment

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Monterrey producer Adrian Be has come a long way since the release of his Corona EP earlier this year. Right before the EP was ready to be mixed, Adrian Be was the victim of a huge robbery – his equipment was stolen from the trunk of a car. In the end, the music was completed and released, and even spawned an odds-and-ends companion. He has since spent his time on remixes, and is continuing this trend with a new cover.

“Ciclos” is originally by fellow Monterrey electronic duo Clubzand it has “hit” written all over it. Adrian Be rescues standout elements from the original, including the intro synth and closing guitars. From there, he builds an almost old school reggaeton track. 80s synthpop transforms into pure perreo, and the metamorphosis is irresistible – a feat that only a man like Adrian Be is capable of.