Adrian Be Drops “Secrets,” Unreleased Material from “Corona” EP

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It’s been a little over a month since Finesse Records prodigy Adrian Be dropped a groundbreaking vocalized EP that could very well change his future work as an artist. Unfortunately, his computer and gear got stolen right in the middle of making the EP and with it he lost the majority of the material he’d been working on. Despite the fact that he wasn’t able to complete the release the way he’d intended, the young “Regiotune” pioneer managed to save some pretty decent raw versions of the lost tracks, which he recently uploaded.

In a set entitled Secrets, Adrian presents three takes on his melodic and raw club sound. Starting with “Name it hard,” the producer shows us his control over Jersey Club patterns, which he evolved into a whole new type of club – somewhere between the ethereal atmosphere of UK Bass and the raw, straightforward approach of American club. “Phone Trip” continues this idea with a ghetto house approach that follows some tough and shuffled four to the floor patterns along with deep synth and bass work. Finally, “ReFue” uses an original sample by Adrian, in which he constructs a slow beat piece that feels quite lush and made for body rolling. The pitch work on the vocal sample here reminds us why Adrian Be is one of Finesse Record’s top guns.

Take a peep at these 3 tracks by one of the most suave producers on the southside of the fence, a fine way to rescue lost work.