Adrianigual Returns To The Dance Floor With “Nunca Vienes A Mi Casa”

Chilean indie bad boy Adrianigual has returned to the art of pop craftsmanship with a new track, “Nunca Vienes a Mi Casa.” The song features the catchy choruses and slightly off-kilter synths we’ve come to identify as Adrianigual’s signature sound, delivering a promising first look at upcoming album Rap y Amor. “Nunca Vienes a Mi Casa” is a new direction for Adrian, favoring a narrative of love, loss, and longing over his usual choice of politics and nihilism, resulting in one of his most personal and concise songs to date.

Adrianigual’s last album, 2011’s Éxito Mundial, was true to its name, spanning multiple hit singles, videos, and an extensive American tour. Once the tour ended, fans were shocked to learn that bassist and keyboardist Nacho Aedo would be leaving the band, causing Adrian to also take a break from the project. During this hiatus, Adrian has been honing his skills, experimenting with new genres like poetry and reggaeton, DJing under the name Terry Unplugged, and doing production work for up-and-coming artists like Planta Carnívora.

Rap y Amor arrives in March 2016, but the dancing starts now.