Adriel Vargas’ ‘Merengue Dance Club’ EP is 80s Synth Pop With a Dominican Twist

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Adriel Vargas is a young producer and graphic designer from the Dominican Republic who has been experimenting with dubstep, hip-hop, and other electronic genres under his own name, the Co.ok moniker, and many other stage names for some time now. He just dropped a brand new EP called Merengue Dance Club, which explores new wave sounds and 80s funk with a twist.

The title track is the definite standout, mainly because it’s the song where Vargas embraces local rhythms. “Merengue Dance Club” is an instrumental synth pop song with a straightforward electro beat, but Vargas has spiced things up with merengue percussion, adding flavor to the already dancey vibe. It’s got some retro-futuristic sonics, and a rich lead synth takes care of the melody. Oddly, it ends up sounding related to some of the most recent Frikstailers works, but in a Dominican context.

Download Adriel Vargas’ Merengue Dance Club EP for free on his Soundcloud page.