Cardi B and Offset Seem to Address Their Relationship Drama on the “Ahora Dice” Remix

Lead Photo: Offset and Cardi B attend NYLON's Rebel Fashion Party. Photo by Rob Kim/Getty Images
Offset and Cardi B attend NYLON's Rebel Fashion Party. Photo by Rob Kim/Getty Images
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The long-awaited “Ahora Dice” remix includes not only an Anuel AA intro and Cardi B’s eagerly awaited verse, but also an appearance by Bardi’s on-again-off-again boo Offset, settling the question once and for all what a Migos to J Balvin transition would sound like on the beloved Chris Jeday estrangement track. 

The remix is significant in its fusion moment for the top names in hip-hop and trap romántico. Along with her recent “La Modelo” track with Ozuna, Cardi is proving to be the catalyst in this particular genre-to-genre bridge, mostly by putting her non-Latinx fans onto the growing trap en español movement via Instagram. And last October, we got a sneak peek of this genre transcendent moment when Ozuna, Offset, and Cardi linked in the studio.

But the track may be picked up by gossip sites based on the way rap’s first couple seems to address their drama in the lyrics. Cardi and Offset silenced armchair relationship critics for a moment with their appearance last night at a London runway event, but according to “Ahora Dice,” they’re still working through some issues. In her English-language verse, Cardi raps:

“You ain’t cherish shit when you had it
Turn me back to a savage
Grab your stuff while you at it
Now my heart as cold as my Patek, uh”

Later, she continues:

“And I’m years away from basic, and I’m miles away from average
But, one thing ain’t adding up to me
How you gon’ mess with a bitch that look up to me, off.”

Then, Offset answers:

“I bought you a ring and five hundred racks (hey)
She like the triangle Balenci bag (drip)
You know you an angel, come save the bad (angel)
If you really love me then take me back.”

Earlier this year, there were rumors Offset had cheated on Cardi after his alleged sex tape leaked. Cardi eventually addressed the rumors on Twitter in early January, though the rapper suggested that she and Offset were estranged after she defended him over a controversy regarding his homophobic lyrics.

Rack those streams, kids — if there’s one thing that we’ve learned from Bey and Jay, it’s that fans are here for the musical drag-to-reconciliation.