Let AJ Dávila’s Sublime Self-Love Anthem “Beautiful” Be the Soundtrack to Your Revolution

AJ Dávila delivers a welcome dose of positivity today with the video for “Beautiful,” a rousing garage-pop single from album El Futuro, slated for an early 2017 release. AJ tells us it was written about his own triumph over terrible times — but like trying to overcome the disappointment, disgust, and fear of this week in favor of fighting to move forward, AJ’s glimmering glee was hard-earned.

“Let’s say it’s about turning the worst thing into something beautiful,” he summarizes.

That’s not easy, of course, and what we see in “Beautiful,” filmed in his Mexico City neighborhood of Cuauhtémoc, is the happy end result. The video was produced by Sergio Acosta of Zoe and directed by Cesar Rosas (manager of Le Butcherettes). It’s a typical music video meet-up scenario, where the main character heads out to meet friends and together the troop revels on, ultimately reaching their final destination: a party.

“It’s all good for me, not you, it’s for me,” AJ declares. While written about a personal strife, that sentiment can be universally useful in facing the negative — or even straight-up hatred — head on. “Beautiful” is about empowerment built from self-love.

They’re contagious too, these good vibes. Featured in the video are members of AJ’s “international family:” Panoram labelmate Andrea Franz from L.A., Ayer Amarillo drummer Mariana Uribe, DJ Eff Bee from New York, and others. Everyone looks sufficiently pumped, drinking from Solo cups and smoking or pregaming en route. They share the brightest of energies, mutually giving and taking — it highlights just how influential the people you surround yourself with can be.

We’re in an era now where leaning on good people — and offering our own shoulders when we can — will be crucial to our endurance. “Beautiful” champions that, reminding us to love ourselves and each other, no matter who tells us we shouldn’t.