AJ Dávila Embraces the Light in New Single “Post Tenebras Lux”

Lead Photo: Photo by Kraken
Photo by Kraken
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AJ Dávila veered into inky cinematic pastiches last fall with his side project Young Nico, but with his new single “Post Tenebras Lux,”  he’s back to basking in pop brilliance once again.

Named for the eponymous 2012 Carlos Reygadas film, the track is essentially signature Babysito: A collection of wooly, gritty elements like howls, percolating synth, and a deep beat at a looming pace that, when collaged together, erupt in gleeful chaos. But the juxtaposition between the stormy and the cheerful crescendo is more drastic than ever here. Personally, AJ says, it represents “a new change.”

“It’s like all the craziness, all the darkness that I have…[the song is] like a change, you know. Trying to do something different, new.” he says. “So it’s light after darkness. Un respiro después de todos las oscuridades.”

The wild saxophone toward the end comes courtesy of Sergio Rotman of Los Fabulosos Cadillacs, and the whole thing was mixed by Jack Lahana, who’s reworked songs for Air and Phoenix. AJ says the rest of the album — as yet untitled, and slated for a fall release — will feature a host of comrades collaborating, continuing the tradition set by his first Terror Amor LP.

Among the special guests are Luis Fara of Quiero Club, members of Crocodiles, Demián Gálvez of Centavrvs and Paco Huidobro of Fobia. As if “Post Tenebras Lux” and that roster were not a promising enough combination, AJ says he’s even got more up his sleeve.

“Va a ver más sopresas,” AJ assures. “Muchas más.”

Photo by Kraken