Get Hype for Summer With the Tropical Post-Punk of Trajano!’s New EP

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Late last year, Spanish post-punk troubadours Trajano! announced they would be taking a break from live performances to focus on writing new songs for a 2016 release. They left us with a song that was as much of an ode to the dark post-punk they are known for as it was a youthful anthem full of hope, a two-headed monster of a track that now sets the mood for their five-song EP Rubí.

To compose the record, the quartet decided to go on a retreat to the countryside of Ávila. They removed themselves from their everyday routine to not only clear their minds, but to write in a more relaxed environment. The result is noticeable, as the somber vibe of previous albums soars to a higher, lighter place.

The album’s title track is a bittersweet dance number arranged with synths and lively guitar riffing, sitting in a roomy, garage-y mix. Coupled with the lead singer’s signature voice-of-god croon, it creates a funny but warm effect. The group says they deliberately wrote songs to emulate specific bands that inspired them. Instead of covering these artists, Trajano! wrote songs in their vein.

On “Chicas de la ciudad,” Trajano! shifts from bubblegum to new wave via jangle pop. Throughout the record, the band revels in juxtaposing their signature elements with new, unfamiliar sounds. Even as they reinvent and reinterpret their sound, Trajano! manages to have fun, while staying true to form. If you’re a fan of Trajano! not just for their music, but for their adventurous spirit, you will not be disappointed.

Check out a teaser for Rubí below, and watch out for the full EP, dropping Friday, April 1.