Algodón Egipcio Gets Lost in a Vaporwave Fantasy in the Video for “Los Deseos”

In the video for Algodón Egipcio’s “La Estrella Irregular,” from the recently released album La Confianza Ciega, the song’s colorful synths and kinetic energy were captured by animated squiggles in the colors of Venezuela’s flag and a single stray white star dancing in Cheky Bertho’s signature Afro. It’s a whimsical and subtle visual reference, suggesting that Venezuela is the irregular star of the song’s title.

Now, a second and equally playful visual for the album has popped up, this time for the track “Los Deseos.” This second single is one of the strangest on the album: Vocals as soft as a summer breeze and gentle marimba samples coexist with a staggering beat and the sound of shattering glass. A snarl of guitar noise and bass constitutes the breakdown. Not the kind of musical backdrop that pairs easily with some pretty pictures. Still, the creative mind at Proceso Inútil rose to the occasion and created what might be the only reasonable visual counterpart to the song – a glitchy vaporwave sci-fi fantasy with a color palette of 90s neons. As Bertho croons his way through the psychedelic animated world of the video, it starts to seem like a precise reflection of his troubled but gorgeous album – nothing in it is right and everything is beautiful.