Aloe Vera’s “Tenía la Intención” Video Is a Sugary Pastel Paradise of Lolita Culture

The only thing that I found slightly disturbing in Guadalajara artist Aloe Vera’s clip for her slow burning, lo-fi ballad “Tenía la Intención” was the thickness of the milk a cookie gets dunked into. It looks like glue — but maybe this was meant as commentary on the sludgy nature of our thoughts after too much amorous regret?

“Tenía la Intención” is the precious lead single and music video from her Hanging With Ghosts EP. Aloe recently began putting out dreamo folk gaze (her terms) in earnest, and she’s assembled a varied and mega capable team around her. This debut visual effort is an excellently planned cupcake of a music video, the perfect saccharine backdrop bubbling over with low-key, high-cute shoegaze charisma. The clip’s laid-back Mexijuku Lolita tea parties and metaphorically placed stuffed animals give us just enough of a glimpse of Aloe Vera’s mindscapes for us to want more.

If you can’t wait long enough for the next release, check her Tumblr of graphics and romantic Microsoft Paint doodles of her beloved horses (if the term “drop” is admissible in indie folk, Aloe often uses neighs as drops on instrumental tracks). You’ll also find shar-peis and slutty robots to spare.