Álvaro Díaz Treats His Boo to a Nutella and Hennessy Picnic in the “Carro Rápido” Video

Spoiler alert: With today’s release of the music video for “Carro Rápido,” it has become clear that if there’s one thing Álvaro Díaz loves, it’s to flip the script on tired hip-hop video storyboards. Consider the babely yet larcenous fake fans in Díaz’s “Groupie Love” — what we have here is a rapper who is bored with the pretty blandness that directors often foist on female characters.

We’re not going to completely ruin the twist ending for you. Suffice it to say that not all is how it seems when Díaz saves his boo from yard chores on a motorcycle bound for a Hennessy, Nutella, and whipped cream picnic. Nor should you brush it off as rap video cliché when the same shot of the black AmEx is swiped ad nauseum (And let us know if those personal numbers running along the ticker tape at bottom of the screen actually connect to someone – so down for that added feature).

The track was produced by Overlord, who turned in some solid work this year on R&B artist Audri Nix’s slow burn debut EP El Nuevo Orden, Vol. 1. “Carro Rápido” is another preview off of Díaz’s upcoming EP San Juan Gran Prix. Last month, teased the project with “Tortura China,” a collab that pulled in the production star power of LunyTunes.

Díaz has long been hailed as the Puerto Rican music scene’s next big thing, and San Juan Gran Prix is surfing on a wave of pre-release hype. We’re ready for what he has in store. But in the meantime, we’re taking some financial health cues from “Carro Rápido” — keep your bae close and your bank records closer, ladies.