Álvaro Díaz and Cosculluela Make Life Sweeter With “La Dulce Vida”

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On “La Dulce Vida,” Álvaro Díaz teams up with reggaetonero Cosculluela to provide a sticky, laid back joint for your weekend. The track is basically a 4:00 minute long wish list that outlines the duo’s vision of the sweet life: swaggy negritas who know how to roll the best blunts, “sexo en exceso”, flossy cars, etc. Think of it as the 2015 version of Skee-Lo’s “I Wish,” albeit with more braggadocio and less charming self-deprecation. The beat, by Young Martino, boasts a catchy chorus that reminds me of Drake’s refrain on “No Lie” – and Drake comparisons are never a bad thing in my book.

Also, let the record show that Díaz is very pro-posthumous holograms, rapping “cuando muera quiero llenar coliseos con mi holograma.”

Future Díaz estate inheritors, take note.