Álvaro Díaz Debuts on PR Radio Waves With Feel Good Track “Mañana”

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Cultura Dura is a Remezcla and Mike’s HARDER content and event series highlighting emerging Latin urban culture. We’ll be exploring scenes that haven’t really gotten any coverage anywhere else – from block parties and street art to underground sports and raw, young artists making movements pa’ la calle.

PR’s golden MC has had an amazing year, releasing track after track of lyrical prowess with fantastic production and beats. We have been following him very closely, and to be perfectly honest, Álvaro could retire to the beach for the rest of 2014 and he would still own this year. Thankfully, he’s here again to grace us with new material.

While the cuts he has been putting out are no laughing matter, “Mañana” is a new beast for him, although it might not seem that way at first. “Mañana” is no mere Soundcloud joint, but is rather first single he has released to radio, debuting on the Puerto Rican airways and staying there for a while. This is legitimization of another nature.

“Mañana” is almost tailor-made for people just getting into Álvaro’s stuff. Produced by long time collaborator Caleb Calloway (who’s behind Díaz’s “6 a.m.” and “La Milla De Oro”) and newcomer Kyoshi Reyes, the track is highly musical in almost every corner, with pitch-shifted vocals punctuating the beat, keyboard melodies rising from the background, and auto-tuned choruses bouncing up to you in its midtempo, leisurely way. On top, Álvaro raps his skillful mix of funny and lusty rhyming ways with the ladies. It’s a feel good track that will invite hands to wave in the air.