Álvaro Díaz Closes Out Fokin Jueves Series in 90s Polos For “Es Tarde Ya” Video

Lead Photo: Courtesy of Álvaro Díaz

All good things must come to an end, and so it is that we say goodbye to Álvaro Díaz’s weekly ring of fire Fokin Jueves. The Puerto Rican rapper dropped six tracks through the release series this summer, and finishes things out today with a video for “Es Tarde Ya” that gives enough coordinated team polo, early 90s color-block, and lite dembow vibes to keep Fokin Jueves’ taste in your mouth even as autumn falls over the land.

Díaz tapped versatile PR producer Caleb Calloway on “Es Tarde Ya,” which turns out to be the most hype song in the Fokin Jeeves run and well-deserving of its sole video clip. Many of the other tracks underline a more laid-back mood for the rapper, like the Orteez-produced “Una Vez Mas” and the steamy Craigslist Missed Connections ad of a song that is “Westside (Chicas de la Isla Parte 2).” (Will the girl dating the FC Leones player please hit Álvaro up? This is his second call.) “Polo Ralph” is a cool-headed trap slide, Yensanjuan’s featuring on a story about the materialism invoked to kill a heartbreak. “Me Conformo” has guitar chords to cry for, and wistful lyrics to match: “Tantas las ansias, en mi maleta tu fragancia.” The pulse quickened somewhat with the auto-tuned hip-hop hooks of “Miénteme” with Mike Towers and Sou$a. Infidelity, after all, takes away some of summer’s ease. Shouts to Díaz for staggering out a playlist that gives off the full range of warm weather feels.