“Groupie Love” Takes a Sadistic Turn in Álvaro Díaz New Video

Getting that groupie love is the cliché fantasy of many young aspiring rappers. Unless said groupies put a gun to your head, throw you in the trunk and whisk you away for a gag-filled play day. In his latest vintage-tinged visual, Álvaro Díaz flips the cliché on its head and learns what kind of trouble too much “Groupie Love” can get you into. The super fans lure the Boricua emcee with a group selfie, which later turns into a questionable Snapchat video session. Seriously, if you saw a guy gagged with a bandana on your friend’s feed, would you judge? Actually, don’t answer. Just watch to see if Álvaro will escape with enough time to perform at tonight’s LAMC Indie Showcase in NYC.

His album, Diaz Buenos Diaz Malos, is coming out soon.